Should a wired solution be employed, we recommend sump or interstitial level sensors developed with the bus RS485 multipoint philosophy: only one wire is required to connect all devices installed onsite to the central console! Furthermore, this technology supports remote diagnostics and assistance without the high costs of field assistance.

However, the state-of-the-art wireless technology makes it possible to spare all excavation and cabling costs, reducing installation time, eliminating negative consequences due to poor power supply and possible interferences while ensuring reliable and safe data transmission. ProGAUGE has developed their technology based on a low frequency which ensures a safe transmission even in difficult conditions: metallic lid cover, concrete sump, and heavy traffic on the station forecourt.

Main features

Supports telediagnostic/maintenance functions. Internal sensor replacement without removing the rod from the tank. Remote configuration of operation parameters. Connection to the tank: fixed or adjustable thread flanged/ inside the riser. Stainless Steel AISI 304/316 shaft Measuring range from 500 mm. up to 5.500 mm Calculation of data relating to:

0.01 mm

Product level

0.01 mm

Interface level (water presence detection)

Up to max. 5 integrated digital sensors

Product mean temperature

+/- 0.5 mm

Standard measuring accuracy

+/- 0.01 mm

Standard resolution

+/- 0.2 °C

Temperature accuracy range -20 +70 °C

± 0.0625 °C

Temperature resolution

ProGAUGE equipment

XMT probes

These intrinsically safe probes are manufactured in rigid stainless steel to offer a durable, long-lasting and quality solution. Utilising magnetostrictive technology, they are highly accurate and are available in a range of sizes (500 mm – 5500 mm). These probes are suitable for all fuel types, including LPG and AdBlue®.

XMT Wireless

Innovative wireless probes using smart technology for improved reliability and reduced interference. Dedicated bandwidth for metering and telemetry is better suited to the service station environment. Low power consumption extends the battery life up to 5 years. The easy installation of the wireless probes and antennas eliminates the need to dig up a site to install wiring.

Maglink LX

ProGauge’s MagLink LX is the next generation console that offers flexible and industry standard features and functions. Using a Linux operating system and with the option of wired or wireless probes, the console can manage from 1 to 32 probes without the need to add expansion modules. With a web-based server, the remote fuel management and connectivity is supported by any web-enabled PC or tablet.

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