Smarter depot control

Enhance fleet management with LOGmaster software: a professional interface for efficient data visualization, analysis, and reporting,
leading to improved on-site processes, cost reduction and time saving

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Optimize operations,
minimize downtime

One dashboard to monitor
your entire depot

  • Unified platform advantage: One-stop depot management
  • Comprehensive map integration: Single or multi-depot view
  • Equipment status: Follow up on events and alarms
  • Stock overview: Visual display on stock level
  • Responsive design: Optimized for every device

Other features

Explore the additional functionalities that set our software apart, enhancing your operational efficiency and control

Customizable user access rights

LOGmaster offers varied access levels for different user roles like admin and site operator

Data privacy compliance (GDPR)

No personal data storage, ensuring that personal information is not recorded in the database by default

Reliable automatic backups

Automatic backup at 00.00 and 12.00 hrs without interrupting system use, with options for manual backups as needed

Advanced firewall protection

Incorporating strong firewall systems like Sucuri WAF for LOG2host

Remote dispenser activation

Allowing the depot manager to remotely activate equipment from the management PC, with mileage input options

Multilingual interface

Supporting up to 24 languages, making the software accessible and user-friendly for a global audience

No limits on vehicles/drivers profiles

LOGmaster offers scalability and flexibility for managing any number of vehicles or drivers profiles

Effortless equipment management

A centralized platform for efficient management of fuel, energy, and vehicle maintenance equipment

Replication process Ensuring continuous operation

LOGmaster’s replication process ensures performance and autonomy, even if the master database is unavailable. Terminals autonomously replicate configuration tables (like vehicles, drivers) from the master database, enabling local operations. Transactions are processed and stored locally, then synced with the master database when connectivity is restored, maintaining operational continuity and data integrity

LOG2box Central data storage on physical device

LOG2box offers a strong master-slave architecture within your network, enhancing performance and transaction capacity. It seamlessly integrates with all LM terminals and is fortified by your network’s security, ensuring internal data protection and inaccessibility from external sources.

Virtual LOG2box Streamlined server-based solution

A virtual counterpart to LOG2box, Virtual LOG2box eliminates the need for additional hardware by integrating directly with your server. It maintains the benefits of LOG2box, including enhanced transaction storage and network-based operation, while providing a more space-efficient solution.

LOG2host Cloud based secure data storage (hosted)

LOG2host (Cloud) offers the advantages of remote operation, including online data backup across multiple servers, heightened IT security with an additional online WAF firewall, and the convenience of remote software updates. It’s ideal for reducing maintenance costs and ensuring immediate database access and training.

Frequently asked questions

  • LOGmaster streamlines time management by offering a unified solution to manage different equipment types. By consolidating all data into one database and simplifying data processing, it significantly reduces the time spent on managing, merging and analyzing information across various systems, leading to more efficient and faster decision-making in fleet operations.

  • No, there’s no need to buy the software separately. When you purchase a terminal, the base software is included with it. This means there are no additional costs or monthly fees for the software in case of a single terminal connected to your local network.

  • This depends on the size of your installation: In case of a single site the software is embedded in the terminal and is web-based, so it can be accessed through any web browser using a local LAN or WiFi connection. Therefore, no installation is required on a server or in the cloud. In case of a multi-site installation it is however strongly recommended, both for safety and performance reasons, to install our central data storage solution on a local server (LOG2box) or in the cloud (LOG2host).

  • No, the visual dashboard is versatile. You have the option to create maps for various levels such as individual sites, regions, or entire countries. The system allows the addition of multiple maps, providing a comprehensive and customizable view of your operations across different scales.

  • LOGmaster offers various ways to share the equipment related data (fuel transactions, charging sessions, washing cycles,…) it collects. A well known method is through an FTP connection, exporting the data in CSV or Excel format. For companies looking for a more advanced approach, LOGmaster also offers the possibility of a direct connection to the database (SQL/ODBC) or an API interface.

  • A LOGmaster terminal takes automatically local back-ups on a USB stick which is by default present inside every terminal. For single site systems, we also recommend taking regular back-ups on a local PC. In case of multi-site installations, frequent automatic back-ups are implemented for the entire system, which are then securely stored on your server or in the cloud. This proactive approach ensures that your data is saved, providing a reliable way to restore in case of any unforeseen data loss.

  • ProFleet releases updates twice a year. However, these updates are not mandatory. It’s up to the customer to decide whether to implement them. The terminals will remain operational even without these updates, but applying them is advised for optimal security and functionality.