Driving low-carbon alternatives

Master you CNG, LNG or H2 distributions in a reliable way, even when fuelling overnight. The ideal solution with advanced settings for the handling and monitoring of the low-carbon alternatives in a reliable way.

Advanced settings like low flow rate deactivation, additional safety questions before activation, setting daily or weekly quota´s,... allow stable and safe operations.

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Secure and efficient
alternative fuel solutions

GasLOG: Universal Benefits for All Site Users

  • Safety questions before activation + familiar operation

  • User friendly touch screen, giving clear overview

  • Easily select product, and enter additional data (mileage,…)

  • Clear measurement in kg instead of L

  • Low flow rate deactivation

  • Restrictions for specific vehicles or drivers

  • Preventive maintenance based on total kg dispensed per nozzle or total operational hours

  • Timely response based on alarms and malfunction information

  • Multi products through single nozzle

  • Uniform system enabling straightforward IT monitoring

  • Import of external transactions

Meet the terminal

Built from high-quality and durable materials, LOGmaster combines functionality and resilience in one compact solution

GasLOG specifications

GasLOG signature features

  • Compact version of the GasLOG solution, suitable for installations having limited space. The Wallbox offers the same software functionalities and identical touchscreen, but does not have the possibility for additional hardware options.

  • GasLOG manages gas recharging by setting a minimum flow rate, calculated from the gas quantity and transaction duration. It ends the transaction when the flow rate is consistently below this threshold, addressing the challenge of lingering pulses in full tanks. This strategy ensures accurate termination of gas recharging transactions.

  • GasLOG manages CNG fueling in installations with limited capacity and single compressors serving multiple positions. Its “Simultaneous Services Limitation” parameter controls the number of concurrent services within a group. It activates transactions if under the limit or queues them if the limit is reached, ensuring balanced resource distribution and preventing system overload for efficient fueling operations.

  • GasLOG’s delayed activation feature for CNG dispensers allows for scheduling fuel delivery at optimal times, like nighttime, to enhance efficiency. The “Period(s)” and “Delayed activation periods (CNG)” settings enable this by only allowing fueling during predefined periods. The “Period authorised” and “Strict activation period” parameters further refine this control, aligning CNG dispensing with operational needs and resource management. This customization in GasLOG supports strategic fueling operations.

Manage everything from one centralized platform

Work smarter, not harder. LOGmaster allows you to manage all depot equipment from one place.

LOGmaster application

LOGmaster allows us to have an overview on our fuel, wash and lubrication installations, both in Italy as well as other countries we are active in. As all sites are connected in the cloud and managed by LOGmaster, all relevant data is easily accessible and can be exported in various formats.

Andrea Peano
IT System Manager , Lannutti Group
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