Streamlining depot operations

Discover the extended capabilities of our 'OtherLOGs' range: LubLOG, MultiLOG, and StockLOG. Each product is designed to enhance different aspects of depot operations.

LubLOG brings meticulous management to various vehicle fluids, ensuring optimal maintenance and performance.

MultiLOG offers a flexible solution for smaller sites, integrating multiple functionalities into existing systems.

StockLOG revolutionizes wetstock management with advanced monitoring, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Explore how these solutions can bring fluidity, simplicity, and reliability to your fleet operations.

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The LubLOG, MultiLOG, and StockLOG products are essential complements to the core LOGmaster product family, offering a unified solution for comprehensive vehicle maintenance management. Together, they enhance the overall supervision of vital equipment in a single depot, seamlessly integrating with existing systems. This integration ensures that every aspect of vehicle care, from fluid management to wetstock monitoring, is efficiently handled under one unified system, simplifying operations and elevating efficiency for fleet managers. This harmonious integration makes them invaluable for a cohesive and streamlined depot management experience.

LubLOG Enabling fluid operations

LubLOG enhances vehicle maintenance with its ability to monitor and control a wide array of vehicle fluids, far surpassing standard fuel and gas management. This comprehensive system efficiently manages crucial liquids like coolant, windshield washer fluid, and hydraulic lubricants. It offers real-time data, alerts, and easy controls, significantly enhancing maintenance operations and vehicle performance. LubLOG, a key addition to the LOGmaster product family, elevates vehicle care by focusing on the precise management of essential fluids.

MultiLOG Simplify your depot

Expand your fleet’s capabilities with the MultiLOG terminal. Ideal for smaller sites with space limitations, the MultiLOG terminal seamlessly integrates FuelLOG features with extended options, such as adding a basic wash station, or lubricant dispenser. Its dedicated touchscreen layout efficiently manages additional equipment alongside dispensers, offering a compact yet powerful solution for enhancing your depot’s functionality.

StockLOG Never without fuel

Transform your wetstock management with StockLOG, a solution vital for fleet operations. This system extends beyond traditional fuels, accommodating products like AdBlue, and is key to efficient stock management. It’s compatible with ProGauge level gauges, available in both wired and wireless forms, ensuring precise, reliable wetstock monitoring. With StockLOG, enjoy enhanced inventory control and operational efficiency through professional, comprehensive stock tracking.

Products for the entire depot

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