Beyond fuel control

Complete and in depth management of your traditional fuel distributions, offering a multitude of parameters to set restrictions, prevent erroneous actions, etc.

A fuel management system engineered to meet the diverse needs of the commercial fleet market. Combined with Tokheim’s robust and reliable Quantium dispensers, designed for continuous operation with minimal downtime, it is the perfect solution to meet your needs related to traditional fuels.

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Improve daily efficiency,
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FuelLOG: Universal Benefits for All Site Users

  • User friendly touch screen, giving clear overview

  • Easily select product, and enter additional data (mileage,…)

  • Convenient RFID tag to activate a fuel transaction

  • Easy to monitor dispensers, both from web browser and on terminal

  • In depth follow-up and analyze of fuel consumption

  • One drivers and vehicles database to manage

  • Preventive maintenance based on total liters dispensed per nozzle or total operational hours

  • Timely response based on alarms and malfunction information

  • Compatible with the DiaLOG fuel management system that has been successfully installed in over 50 countries

  • Uniform system enabling straightforward IT monitoring

  • Remote MID update

Meet the terminal

Built from high-quality and durable materials, LOGmaster combines functionality and resilience in one compact solution

Technical specifications

FuelLOG signature features

  • WALL BOX: This configuration is identical to the stand-alone pole, but in a convenient compact housing.

    Note: No printer option available


    TRUCK BOX: Similar to the Wall box (same housing) but customised for installation on a fuelling truck (e.g. power converter included to power from the battery (12/24V)

  • The Quantium FS and ML dispensers, with integrated FuelLOG, offer versatile fueling solutions for diverse fleets. The FS range caters to Diesel, Petrol, AdBlue, and LPG, with flow rates of 40-120 liters per minute and single or double hose options. It’s a compact solution for everyday fleet needs, featuring volume-only displays with optional price management for external sales, subject to local regulations.

    The ML range supports the same fuels but allows more combinations within one dispenser, ideal for fleets needing various fuel types and speeds. It ensures correct fueling with FuelLOG’s integrated system, also offering optional price displays for selling fuel, following local compliance requirements.

  • In the case of managing vehicles with multiple tanks, our ARG system allows you to refuel all tanks sequentially using just a single identification step. An ARG consists of multiple dispensers; when one is authorized, the rest in the group are automatically activated by taking out the nozzle.

  • FuelLOG’s fuel price management function allows for enables you to sell fuel in agreement with your neighbouring companies or partners by setting fuel prices. This feature facilitates negotiated pricing agreements, offering individualized control over fuel transactions. Compliance with local regulations is advised, and discussions with sales representatives are recommended for optimal use of this feature.

    MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) is a European standard for commercial measuring devices, including fuel dispensers. MID compliance ensures fuel dispensers meet accuracy and security standards, with verified flow meters and tamper-proof sealing systems, mandatory for commercial fuel transactions in Europe.

  • This feature is a tool designed to enhance your fuel monitoring capabilities. This option allows for a clear display of the total amount of fuel dispensed by each individual dispenser within the system.

  • LOGmaster’s reporting tool features predefined templates for comprehensive transaction overviews, including fuel consumption and anomalies. Anomalies are flagged based on set consumption thresholds. Managers can customize these templates by adding columns and specific information. There’s also an option for reports focused solely on anomalies, aiding in quick identification and resolution of fuel usage irregularities. This customizable and detailed reporting equips managers with essential tools for effective fleet oversight.

    Carbon footprint computation:

    FuelLOG’s carbon footprint reporting aligns with ISO-14067 standards, enabling detailed tracking of emissions for vehicles and fleets. This feature aids managers in reducing environmental impact, meeting regulatory requirements, and showcasing commitment to sustainability. It’s a valuable tool for businesses prioritizing environmental responsibility in their operations.

  • Temperature compensation in fuel measurement accounts for volume changes due to temperature fluctuations. Standardized at a reference temperature (typically 15°C), it ensures accurate fuel quantity for inventory, invoicing, and taxation. FuelLOG calculates temperature-compensated volumes using tank temperature data, relying on precise temperature sensors and accurate meters for reliable compensation.

  • FuelLOG enables easy data export in .CSV and Excel formats, facilitating integration with third-party tools, especially for tax recuperation. This compatibility with accounting and tax software streamlines data transfer and processing, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of tax-related activities.

Manage everything from one centralized platform

Work smarter, not harder. LOGmaster allows you to manage all depot equipment from one place.

LOGmaster application

LOGmaster allows us to have an overview on our fuel, wash and lubrication installations, both in Italy as well as other countries we are active in. As all sites are connected in the cloud and managed by LOGmaster, all relevant data is easily accessible and can be exported in various formats.

Andrea Peano
IT System Manager , Lannutti Group
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