Automate your wash procedures

Enabling clean and easy operation of your car/truck/bus wash through visual selection of preferred programme, user rights settings, automated reports per customer.

The WashLOG terminal features configurable user rights and automated reporting, enabling monthly usage data generation for various applications, including integration with accounting software for invoice creation for external users. This functionality enhances management efficiency in wash operations.

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Enabling clean and swift operation
of your car/truck/bus wash

WashLOG: Universal Benefits for All Site Users

  • Convenient selection of wash progam and show status

  • Avoid mistakes and potential vehicle damage

  • User friendly touchscreen, easily enter additional data

  • Easy to monitor specifically on wash, both from web browser and on terminal

  • Set restrictions for specific vehicles and/or drivers

  • Truck wash activity management

  • Detect if equipment is offline, out of order, busy or malfunctioning

  • Automatic alerts in case of certain events (e-mail)

  • Uniform system enabling streamlined IT operations

  • Export wash sessions (automatically) in various formats

  • Work inside local network, or fully cloud based

Meet the terminal

Built from high-quality and durable materials, LOGmaster combines functionality and resilience in one compact solution

WashLOG specifications

WashLOG signature features

  • WALL BOX: This configuration is identical to the stand-alone pole, but in a convenient compact housing.

    Note: No additional hardware options like printer available

  • WashLOG terminals allow customization of washing programs for specific vehicle types, categories, or driver groups, enhancing accuracy and preventing incorrect selections. Programs can be pre-assigned to vehicles, automatically initiating after vehicle identification, which streamlines the process and reduces user error.

  • The WashLOG terminal, when paired with compatible washing equipment, records each wash transaction’s duration. It can connect to a BUSY signal for truck wash control, indicating active washing or idle status. Additionally, an OUT OF ORDER status is created through an external relay connection, signaling WashLOG when the truck wash is non-operational due to power off. This setup enhances wash operation monitoring and management.

  • The WashLOG system, when unable to directly control car/truck wash installations, uses a wash coins dispenser as an intermediary. This dispenser, acting like a standard wash machine, is operated by a distribution board and issues coins based on pulse count, streamlining the process. Users can select the desired coin quantity during a transaction, simplifying operations without the need for multiple wash programs.

Manage everything from one centralized platform

Work smarter, not harder. LOGmaster allows you to manage all depot equipment from one place.

LOGmaster application

LOGmaster allows us to have an overview on our fuel, wash and lubrication installations, both in Italy as well as other countries we are active in. As all sites are connected in the cloud and managed by LOGmaster, all relevant data is easily accessible and can be exported in various formats.

Andrea Peano
IT System Manager , Lannutti Group
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