Lannutti is using various LOGmaster solutions (FuelLOG, WashLOG, LubLOG) on its fleet depots, both in Italy and other countries.
All are managed by LOG2host in the cloud. Making Lannutti an excellent reference in the logistics segment.

Lannutti, a transport company specialised in glass logistics, is active in 8 European countries with a fleet of over 3000 vehicles. From its headquarters in Cuneo (Italy) operations are being coordinated throughout Europe. On its own sites the Lannutti fleet can be serviced, refuelled and washed.

This is where LOGmaster comes in:  The FuelLOG, WashLOG & LubLOG terminals, installed at the company´s depots in various countries, allow to control who can fuel or wash, which vehicles can use what type of equipment, monitor overall performance etc

Beyond fuel control

All terminals are managed through the LOGmaster LOG2host cloud platform, providing a centralized software solution to oversee all equipment with a unified database. This way, LOGmaster helps to simplify management tasks (central vehicle administration, reports on consumption,…) as well as creating a unique equipment overview through the visual dashboard.

Automate your wash procedures
LOGmaster allows us to have an overview on our fuel, wash and lubrication installations, both in Italy as well as other countries we are active in. As all sites are connected in the cloud and managed by LOGmaster, all relevant data is easily accessible and can be exported in various formats.
Andrea PEANO, IT System Manager – Lannutti Group

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