LOGmaster add-ons

Elevate your depot control to a new level with LOGmaster add-ons. Embrace advanced technology for a complete transformation of your depot operations, enabling full automation in identification and entrance control. These add-ons are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing LOGmaster system, providing a holistic approach to fleet management and ensuring efficient, secure, and automated operations. Experience the future of depot control, where technology drives efficiency and precision in every aspect of your operations, managing a complete depot from a single point.

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EyeGo Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

EyeGo, ProFleets’s Automatic Vehicle Identification solution, leverages number plate recognition for fleet efficiency. Integrating high-resolution cameras and ANPR software with the FuelLOG terminal, it rapidly identifies vehicle plates, tailoring to commercial fleets. EyeGo minimizes errors and enhances control in fleet management. This system streamlines vehicle identification, ensuring fleet operations are more efficient, accurate, and well-managed.

AviGo Automatic vehicle identification (AVI)

Experience streamlined fueling and enhanced security with AviGo, ProFleet’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system. AviGo eliminates manual steps in the fueling process, reducing fraud risk. It uses a vehicle-affixed tag and a nozzle-installed reader, ensuring fuel dispenses only to authorized vehicles. This smart system prevents unauthorized use, like side filling of jerry cans, making your fuel management secure and efficient.

GateGo Gateway to efficient operations

GateGo, the ideal addition to your depot operations, offers a unified, integrated solution. GateGo enables smooth gate management using the same tags as other LOGmaster systems, simplifying and securing your entire facility’s operations. This integration not only streamlines management processes but also ensures consistency and efficiency throughout your depot, reinforcing secure and effective facility control

Products for the entire depot

Maintain control of the entire depot from a single point with smarter depot control through one software solution.