First complete depot management system

The LOGmaster product family is the next generation of ProFleet management terminals, evolving from DiaLOG, a fuel management system, to a management system for complete depot control.
In addition to managing classic fuel, AdBlue and gas, LOGmaster can also control EV chargers and car wash equipment using the same identifier and turn your depot into a smart depot.

You are in charge

LOGmaster connects to any type or model of equipment and allows you to install a mixture of brands on site, all managed within one database, you being the decision maker without restrains. The collected data allows analysis and improvements of daily operations.

One tag for whole depot

Drivers and/or vehicles are easily identified by the use of secured wireless tags (e.g. Desfire, Legic or MiFare reader) or one of the other verification options including; magstripe cards, barcode reader, or automatic vehicle identification. Being able to operate all devices using a single tag is just one of LOGmaster’s many advantages.

LOGmaster design

With its sleek and contemporary design, LOGmaster has one of the industry’s smallest footprints. Both the standalone and wall box models are housed in robust frames with protective coated panels that ensure their longevity, even in the harshest conditions.

LOGmaster interface

Time-efficient monitoring of all of the equipment on your site, through a clear visual overview. The intuitive, user-friendly dashboard allows you to upload an image of your depot and easily identify your equipment using drag and drop icons.

LOGmaster on your smartphone or tablet

Access all of your LOGmaster reports and data from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or at home, you can log-in to LOGmaster remotely so you have quick and easy access to your site’s data.

Multi-lingual options

The LOGmaster currently supports over 24 different languages both at the terminal display and the administration screens. This helps simplify the overall operations at the terminal and reduce the amount of time it takes to perform the operation.

Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies

Including solutions for emerging new energies, like EV charging and H2 distribution, LOGmaster facilitates the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, as customers gradually reshape their fleets.

LOGmaster product range


Based on the proven quality of the DiaLOG fuel management system, FuelLOG is the next generation offering both upgraded hardware through a new terminal, as well as upgraded software (e.g. new interface). It is the perfect solution for in depth monitoring of traditional fuels and AdBlue.

FuelLOG system will be available in multiple versions like stand alone terminal, Wallbox, or integrated into a dispenser. Connection with dispensers is typically done through the IFSF protocol, or in case of 3rd party dispensers not using protocols, through distribution kits.


Quite regular Fleet customers have their own car, truck, or bus wash installation, providing a clean vehicle fleet. In the past, TSG offered already a connection with washing equipment, but in a very basic way.

Now, with the WashLOG terminal, we are able to offer our clients a dedicated solution, which is capable of controlling and managing these installations in a far better way. Through the interactive touchscreen, users can easily select the desired program, giving new possibilities to also use WashLOG for external users.

Specific user rights, as well as automated reports make it possible to invoice external users on a monthly basis, based on their frequency of use. The WashLOG terminal will be available in various versions.


Industries are looking more and more to switch from traditional fuels to alternative solutions with less impact on the environment, therefore installations for the distribution of CNG, LNG and H2 become more common.

The GasLOG terminal provides for the handling and monitoring of these low-carbon alternatives in a reliable way. Advanced settings like quantities and low flow rate deactivation, allow stable and safe operations.


Wetstock management is a vital part of operations at most fleet customers, including both traditional fuels, as well as AdBlue etc. Effective stock management is achieved by the installation of professional gauges.

With StockLOG, stock monitoring will be possible through the wide range of available ProGauge gauges (both wired and wireless).

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