Being ready means that you rely on your own supplies no matter what the situation is. Even if there is network breakdown, your equipment must continue to operate. Equally important, the replication mechanism supported by the FuelLOG fuel management system makes sure that your system continues operating in critical situations even if the network is temporarily down.

Built with robust and reliable components, our ProFleet equipment is designed to meet the high demand for accuracy and reliability, which they never fail to do, especially during the most critical time.

The dispensers we supply are packed with the same technology and components as the high-end retail dispensers that are installed on oil company networks across the globe.

To keep up to speed with the action, AviGO offers fast vehicle identification without the need for an identification tag —the tag is always on the vehicle. In addition, our Quantium dispensers offer the possibility of fueling with 40 or 80 l/min.

To ensure that you always have enough fuel in your tanks, StockLOG equipment monitors the fuel level in your tanks and triggers an alarm when the fuel level drops below a predefined level.

Recommended solutions for your business

Quantium Dispensers

High-quality equipment tried and tested on retail stations, reliable and punctual even after large quantities of dispensed fuel


A system that operates even in critical situations when the network is temporarily down


Fast vehicle identification to speed up the process of refueling

London Ambulance Service

"We are very much pleased with getting full control over the fuel, and we also see good opportunities to improve efficiencies in the future using automatic vehicles identification based on ANPR. I would like to add that the fact that ProFleet together with TSG can also support LAS with the transition to EV and can cover for all the maintenance on all depots will help LAS keep their ambulances on the road more efficiently."

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