Jinert is a Swedish, privately owned company that started in 1988. The head office is located in Hässleholm, Sweden. On 20 sites nationwide, they offer modern equipment and services for lifting, specialised transport and heavy goods handling. Along with their professional staff, Jinert is able to offer complete solutions and carry out the challenges their customers have.

In order to be flexible and independent, Jinert has their proper on site equipment for fueling and charging. Thanks to LOGmaster all can be managed within the same platform: Who is authorised to fuel/charge, what vehicles are allowed to use the equipment, are the dispensers/chargers functioning well or are there any alarms… Through the visual dashboard as well as the extensive reporting functionality, relevant parameters such as consumption and operational performance can be followed up efficiently.

Energize your fleet

Both FuelLOG and ChargeLOG terminals, part of the LOGmaster product range, have been installed at Jinert’s depots. These are managed by the LOGmaster LOG2host cloud platform, allowing to control all the equipment from one central software application, having one central database.

Beyond fuel control
LOGmaster provides us a single platform for all on site equipment, covering both traditional fuels and new energies. This allows very efficient operations across our sites in Sweden.

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