Midden Zeeland Airport

Airports pose unique challenges due to their specific requirements, which we adeptly address through our personalized approach. By implementing special editions of Q110 dispensers and additional LOGmaster software developments, we provided Midden Zeeland Airport with an innovative solution that streamlined fuel operations to meet their needs.

Midden Zeeland Airport, centrally located in the province of Zeeland, Netherlands, serves as a pivotal regional airport predominantly utilized for business aviation, pleasure flights, and as a base for the Bristow North Sea Rescue Service. With its 1,000-meter long and 30-meter wide paved runway, the airport can accommodate a wide range of aircrafts and provides comprehensive services including refueling, maintenance, and flight training.

As a client of ProFleet and LOGmaster, I am very pleased with the expertise and dedication shown towards enhancing our operational efficiency. The customised solutions provided have streamlined our daily operations, demonstrating a clear commitment to addressing our unique needs.
Enno BELDEROK, General manager Midden Zeeland Airport

The airport required an advanced system for managing the dispensing of various fuel types for different aircraft, including aeroplanes and helicopters, with in-depth and customizable management from a single point. Additionally, it was essential to have an option that would allow fuel dispensing for one-time visitors who were not entered into the database.

To meet these needs, the FuelLOG system was installed along with three Q110 airfield dispensers, each designated for a specific type of fuel: EURO98, AVGAS, and JET-A1. This setup ensures efficient and precise fuel dispensing tailored to the needs of varied aircraft types.

Beyond fuel control

To further accommodate the specific demands of Midden Zeeland Airport, a ‘dispenser remote release’ functionality was developed that allows fuel dispensing to be initiated from the control tower without physically going to the terminal, enhancing operational control. Additionally, a custom plug-in was developed by our engineers, enabling the printing of tickets in a specified format directly at the office. The blue livery of the FuelLOG terminal is aesthetically in line with the stainless steel dispensers, providing a visually pleasing and functional setup.

LOGmaster application
Smarter depot control

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