Beyond Fuel control

More than just monitoring fuel usage, FuelLOG is a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes fuel management. This system goes beyond traditional limits, offering features like detailed consumption analysis, remote dispenser activation, and carbon footprint computation. With added capabilities for transaction exports, dispenser management, and an assortment of identification readers, FuelLOG delivers a total approach to fuel management. "Beyond Fuel Control" underlines our commitment to providing a system that does not just control, but innovates, simplifies, and elevates your fuel management experience.

FuelLOG main features

  • Most advanced functionalities and parameters for in depth fuel management
  • User friendly touch screen, easily select product, enter mileage and license plate
  • Easy to monitor dispensers, both from webbrowser and on terminal
  • In depth follow-up of fuel consumption
  • Preventive maintenance: total liters / nozzle; total hours run
  • Temperature compensation available
  • MID approved

Software options

  • Export transactions
  • Detailed consumption analysis
  • Dispensers totals management
  • Management of fuel prices
  • Management of customers’ accounts
  • Tax refund management according to local regulation
  • Carbon footprint computation
  • Events / alerts management
  • MID specific features
  • Bowser(s) management
  • Import of external transactions
  • Connection of level gauges
  • Remote dispenser activation

Technical data

  • Control up to 16 nozzles with 1 terminal
  • Data input:
    according to selected parameters, mileage or hours can be entered; control values, set restrictions; associated data (e.g. project number)
  • The terminal can be connected via:
    LAN (cabled), WiFi, or 4G (cloud); Dispensers link through EIN or IFSF (TCP-IP or LON) protocol
  • Available readers for identification:
    DesFire secured reader; MiFare reader; Legic reader
    HID (125khz) reader; GIS reader
  • The Wall/Truck box and stand-alone pole need to be installed in a non-hazardous area (safe zone)
    Complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC,
    89/336/EEC and 94/9/EC
  • Production ISO 9001 / 14001 compliant
  • Designed to operate in a wide range of climate conditions

Hardware options

  • STAND-ALONE POLE: Compact design which can be mounted even in a small space. Easily connect multiple dispensers, possible to integrate e.g. printer, magstripe reader, barcode reader…
  • DISPENSER INTEGRATED: Into Tokheim Quantium FS
  • WALL BOX: This configuration is identical to the stand-alone pole, but in a convenient compact housing. Note: No printer option available
  • TRUCK BOX: Similar to the Wall box (same housing) but customised for installation on a fuelling truck (e.g. power converter included to power from the battery (12/24V)

FuelLOG's peripherals

Tokheim Quantium™ FS

Tokheim Quantium™ FS fuel dispenser is small yet flexible and unbelievably powerful, with a vast range of configuration possibilities. Built on a legacy of engineering excellence — of durability, reliability, precision and decades of hydraulic innovation, these dispensers utilise DFS’ core platform of quality components to provide solutions that are proven to last longer, require less maintenance, offer reliable operation and deliver a low total cost of ownership (TCO) over their lifetime.

Tokheim Quantium™ FS AdBlue®

Introducing the Tokheim Quantium™ FS AdBlue® dispenser, a compact dispenser that will never let you down. Small, but built with the most advanced dispenser technology to deliver outstanding performance even when pushed to the limit, this dispenser will leave a lasting impression on customers, keeping them coming back time and time again.


StockLOG is next generation tank gauge console, now with intelligent ‘touch and swipe’ technology. Developed to offer an unrivalled user experience, the StockLOG’s touchscreen enables you to effortlessly move between screens to easily view all of your tank data through its new and improved graphical display. This, coupled with a brighter screen, faster processor and simplified reporting capabilities makes it the most advanced tank gauge on the market.

• Access to historical in-tank level readings
• Early detection of water contamination
• Touch and swipe technology for swift access to your data

ProGauge probes

The probes have the ability to monitor all fuel types and additives, including biofuels and AdBlue, whilst also supporting density, phase separation, leak detection and inventory management. Using magnetostrictive technology, the probes transmit a high frequency electrical impulse that travels at the speed of sound, returning unbeatably accurate fuel readings which are then relayed to the console on site or directly to the point-of-sale (POS). Available as both wired and wireless units.

• Fast and reliable data transmission
• Early detection of water contamination
• Available as both wired and wireless to suit all site types.

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