Driving low-carbon alternatives

As the world pivots from traditional fossil fuels towards more sustainable energy sources, GasLOG stands at the forefront of this green revolution, facilitating seamless transition to CNG, LNG, and H2 distribution. This title represents not only our dedication to supporting low-impact fuels but also GasLOG's superior handling and monitoring capabilities for these energy alternatives. From advanced safety features to detailed consumption analysis, GasLOG is empowering industries to drive the adoption of low-carbon alternatives, ushering in a new era of environmentally conscious fuel management.

GasLOG main features

  • Most advanced functionalities for in-depth gas management
  • Connect to a wide range of CNG, LNG, LPG and H2 dispensers
  • User friendly touchscreen: easily identify vehicle, select product,…
  • Collecting wide range of data, included consumption
  • Restrictions to prevent usage by untrained personnel
  • Simultaneous services limitation for CNG installations
  • Low flow rate deactivation
  • OIML approved

Software options

  • Restrictions for specific vehicles or drivers
  • Safety questions before activation
  • Low flow rate deactivation
  • Remote dispenser activation
  • Events & alerts management
  • Management of gas prices
  • OIML specific features
  • Management of customers’ accounts
  • Import of external transactions
  • Connection of level gauges
  • Detailed consumption analysis – also in kg
  • Export transactions, transaction durations,…

Technical data

  • Control up to 16 nozzles with 1 terminal
  • Data input:
    according to selected parameters, mileage or hours can be entered; control values, set restrictions; associated data (e.g. project number)
  • The terminal can be connected via:
    LAN (cabled), WiFi, or 4G (cloud); Dispensers link through EIN or IFSF (TCP-IP or LON) protocol
  • Available readers for identification:
    DesFire secured reader; MiFare reader; Legic reader HID (125khz) reader; GIS reader
  • The Wall/Truck box and stand-alone pole need to be installed in a non-hazardous area (safe zone)
    Complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, 89/336/EEC and 94/9/EC
  • Production ISO 9001 / 14001 compliant
  • Designed to operate in a wide range of climate conditions

Hardware options

  • STAND-ALONE POLE: High-end terminal with
    interactive touchscreen, offering the widest range of available options: Ticket printer, ISO2 magstripe reader, barcode scanner,… Perfect solution for connecting multiple gas dispensers in a standard of larger installation set-up
  • WALL BOX: Compact version of the GasLOG solution, suitable for installations having limited space. The Wallbox offers the same software functionalities and identical touchscreen, but does not have the possibility for additional hardware options
  • Both the stand-alone pole and wallbox model are housed in robust frames with protective coated panels that ensure their longevity, even in the harshest conditions

GasLOG peripherals

Tokheim Quantium™ FS LPG

Engineered to deliver liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the brand-new Tokheim Quantium™ FS LPG dispenser is unobtrusive and uncomplicated, yet powerful and efficient. Built with precision and flexibility in mind, this dispenser is perfect for small retail and commercial fleet environments, with a compact footprint to suit the layout of any forecourt.

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