Automate your wash procedures

As industries increasingly lean towards automation for efficient operations, we meet that demand head-on in the realm of fleet washing. Our WashLOG terminal streamlines washing procedures by offering intuitive controls, user-friendly touch screens, and automated data collection. It enables users to effortlessly select their preferred washing program and ensures safety by restricting access only to allowed programs. From generating detailed reports to sending automatic alerts in case of specific events, WashLOG turns time-consuming manual tasks into simple, automated processes. It represents our commitment to evolving with modern operational needs, while maintaining a professional and clean fleet.

WashLOG main features

  • Perfect solution for private and semi-commercial use of a fleet wash installation
    Note: No on-site payment
  • Activate wash equipment with same tag used for other equipment (e.g. dispensers, chargers,…)
  • User friendly touch screen: easily select prefered wash programme
  • Detect if equipment is offline, out of order, busy or malfunctioning
  • Each vehicle only has access to allowed wash program – safety first
  • Compatible with DiaLOG system (successfully installed in 50+ countries)

Software options

  • A wide range of data can be collected by the terminal: Vehicle, Driver, Mileage, Hours, Program, Washing duration,…
  • Associated data possible e.g. project ID, contract number, trailer ID,…
  • Create reports in Excel or PDF format e.g. a monthly overview of the total amount of washing programs used per driver or per customer
  • Set restrictions for specific vehicles and/or drivers
  • Automatic alerts in case of certain events (e-mail)
  • Pre-programmed wash programs
  • Truck wash activity management

Technical data

  • Up to 16 wash programs
    Upgrade WashLOG to max 4 I/O boards allowing to program up to 16 different washing programs by a single WashLOG terminal
  • Connect to a wide range of washing equipment of multiple brands through the I/O board(s) Connection of the WashLOG inside your network through LAN (cabled) or WiFi, or outside your network through 4G (in the cloud)
  • Available readers for identification
    DesFire secured reader; MiFare reader; Legic reader; HID (125khz) reader; GIS reader
  • Signal the equipment is offline, out of order…
    Input line to detect actual status of the equipment (for some equipment even detailed info on malfunction)
  • Control a wash coins dispenser
    Activate washing programs with coins (communication is done using pulses)
  • Production ISO 9001 / 14001 compliant
  • Designed to operate in a wide range of climate conditions

Hardware options

  • STAND-ALONE POLE: Compact design which can be mounted even in a small space. Easily connect various washing equipment. Possible to integrate e.g. ticket printer, magstripe reader, barcode scanner
  • WALL BOX: This configuration is identical to the stand-alone pole, but in a convenient compact housing. Note: No additional hardware options like printer available
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