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LOGmaster allows us to have an overview on our fuel, wash and lubrication installations, both in Italy as well as other countries we are active in. As all sites are connected in the cloud and managed by LOGmaster, all relevant data is easily accessible and can be exported in various formats.

Andrea Peano
IT System Manager , Lannutti Group
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Frequently asked questions

  • Smarter depot control refers to the comprehensive management and control of all equipment involved in maintaining and refuelling vehicles at your depot. It offers a single point of control for all operations, enabling efficient data collection and management.

  • ProFleet specializes in depot equipment management rather than vehicle telematics. Our focus is on the equipment used for vehicle maintenance and refuelling within the depot. While we don’t provide direct fleet telematics solutions, the data we gather is invaluable for comprehensive fleet management software. This offers insights into not just driver behavior in vehicles, but also their interaction with depot equipment, providing a more complete view of fleet operations.

  • ProFleet’s solutions cater to a wide array of segments, not just logistics. Our offerings are suitable for transportation (including logistics and long-haulage), public transportation, car and machine rentals, car factories and dealers, construction and mining, waste collection and recycling, emergency services, military, agricultural and cooperatives, as well as airports and harbors. We provide tailored solutions for a variety fleet of vehicles and machinery, including trucks, buses, vans, planes, trains, cars, and heavy machinery.

  • The ‘One Tag for All’ concept in ProFleet’s solutions refers to a streamlined approach where a single tag is used by drivers to access and operate multiple types of equipment across the depot. This simplifies the process, as drivers don’t need different tags for different equipment. It enhances efficiency and convenience in managing various functions within the depot, ensuring a more integrated and user-friendly experience.

  • Yes, ProFleet, in collaboration with our major partner TSG and other partners as well, operates in over 30 countries across Europe and Africa. We offer consistent standards in all these locations, with experienced sales representatives ready to provide advice, assist in projects, and ensure on-time delivery. Our teams are committed to quick responses for service and maintenance, ensuring a uniform and high-quality experience for our customers, regardless of their geographical presence.

  • Yes, ProFleet both produces and develops its products with a highly skilled engineering team, operating from its own facility in the western part of France. This in-house approach to production and development ensures high-quality control and innovation. Additionally, ProFleet is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001, affirming our commitment to quality management and environmental standards in our production processes.