Energize your fleet

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, ChargeLOG is here to energize your fleet and take you into a sustainable future. Our platform brings together the management of EV AC/DC chargers, giving you complete control over your charging processes. It is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates with multiple charger brands, allowing you to set customized restrictions, monitor your operations, and adapt to any charging site. Set a wide range of restrictions, like minimal final battery load, specific charging periods,… and get informed in case of alerts. With ChargeLOG, not only will you power your fleet efficiently, but you'll also contribute to a greener future.

ChargeLOG main features

  • Stay in control of your depot – independent from charger brand
  • Extensive functionalities for comprehensive charging management
  • Control chargers directly from the LOGmaster web interface
  • One terminal can drive up to 32 chargers outlets (AC/DC)
  • User-friendly touchscreen: easy activation, monitor charging processes,…
  • Identification possible both at terminal or charger
  • No monthly fee per charger – one system for all
  • Smart charging features, incl. load balancing
  • Compatible with DiaLOG, and of course with other LOGmaster terminals;
  • Local terminal guarantees higher reliability due to locally replicated database

Software options

  • Set minimal final battery load per vehicle
  • Indicate minimal load increase per vehicle
  • Deactivation of charging session on low flow rate
  • Set charging periods & delayed activation
  • Events & alerts management (incl. e-mail)
  • Remote charger activation
  • Set daily/weekly charging quota´s
  • Limit max kWh per charger / group of chargers
  • Collect a wide range of data (e.g. kWh charged, duration,…)
  • Export charging transactions in PDF or Excel
  • Detailed consumption analysis (kWh/distance,…)
  • Management of customers’ account

Technical data

  • Connection of AC/DC chargers of various brands communication through OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol
  • Control up to 32 charger sockets with 1 terminal
  • Data input:
    according to selected parameters, mileage or hours can be collected; control values, set restrictions (e.g. periods); additional associated data (e.g. account number)
  • The terminal can be connected via:
    LAN (cabled), WiFi (local), or 4G (cloud); Chargers connected with terminal through physical network cables
  • Available readers for identification:
    DesFire secured reader; MiFare reader; Legic reader HID (125khz) reader; GIS reader
  • Production ISO 9001 / 14001 compliant
  • Designed to operate in a wide range of climate conditions

Hardware options

  • STAND-ALONE POLE: High-end terminal with interactive touchscreen, offering the widest range of available options: Ticket printer, ISO2 magstripe reader, barcode scanner,… Perfect solution for managing multiple chargers at a standard or large EV charging bay
  • WALL BOX: Compact version of the ChargeLOG solution, suitable for installations having limited space. The Wallbox offers the same software functionalities and identical touchscreen, but does not have the possibility for additional hardware options
  • Both the stand-alone pole and wallbox model are housed in robust frames with protective coated panels that ensure their longevity, even in the harshest conditions
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