Do you possess top-quality machines? Combine them with top-notch refueling and fuel management equipment. Quantium dispensers are made of the same components as the ones that are installed in dispensers at gas stations, and with DiaLOG you will get a complete, long-lasting and tried and tested system for fuel management.

Track the consumption of your machines and vehicles either per hour or mileage. Using the DiaLOG system, you can produce reports to examine the behavior of your drivers in order to compare the consumption of the same vehicle with a different driver.

Quantium dispensers give you the option of choosing the fuel dispensing speed from 40 up to 200 l/min with demonstrated accuracy for more than 12 million liters of dispensing. Depending on the size of your fleet, you can choose from basic equipment such as Quantium Q110 to much larger dispensers such as the Quantium Q510 commonly used at gas stations. Regardless of the dispenser chosen, each dispenser is equipped with the same components, guaranteeing the same quality of all dispensers.

If you are looking for a simple dispensing solution that you want to get as a plug-and-play solution, Profleet offers you the Quantium Q110 dispenser which is easy to combine with smaller tanks, either above or below ground level.

Recommended solutions for your business

Quantium Q110 dispenser

A simple but still high-quality dispenser for smaller tanks


FMS for tracking your fuel consumption even per vehicle or driver


Level gauges to control your fuel level in the tank and to trigger a warning when the tank level is low

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