The need for accurate data due to W&M checks is fulfilled with the Tokheim Quality Meter & Pump, and LOGmaster determines who is in charge of working on the site. Keep all of your data in one place with no fear of storage space shortage.

Manage internal fueling as well as external

At the end of the assembly line, each vehicle needs a minimum delivery of fuel to get the vehicle on transport. The same vehicle needs to be filled up at the dealer before it gets delivered to the end customer. Both segments are linked and do not actually operate their own fleet of vehicles. FuelLOG can be programmed to the exact quantity of fuel to be delivered on the dispenser and together with Tokheim Quantium dispensers, it will take the entire responsibility away from people working at the end of assembly line.

Since the vehicles involved are not really part of a fleet, the cost per vehicle needs to be reduced and working with tags is not convenient. Since bar codes are already in place for logistical reasons, the FuelLOG bar code scanner can be used to identify and fill up the vehicle as well.

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Automate fuelling as well as other manufacturing processes

Quantium Q510 dispenser

Multiple products on one dispenser


Car factories have huge amount of data With LOG2host keep it safe on one place and easy to access.

Building the future for PSA

Implemented dispensing and control system for testing new fuels

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