Car rental companies have large fleets of vehicles that are daily used by many people, and it is a challenge where to keep and not lose identification tags. ProFleet offers a solution in the form of barcode scanners that are used for printing labels affixed to each car for identification.

When vehicles are returned to car rentals, they need to be returned with a full tank, and as car rental companies regularly change their vehicle fleets, which are typically under lease, it is necessary to empty the tank before returning the vehicle, so ProFleet offers a debowser device that helps them to save lots of money on debowsing fuel out of tank.

Recommended solutions for your business

Barcode scanner

Save money on buying a huge volume of tags and preventing losing them. Also, prevent employees from using the wrong fuel.


Get the fuel out of the tank before returning vehicles back to lease.


Keep your data safe and access them from anywhere in a short time.

Hertz Germany

“With this new system we can capture all data very easily and subsequently and, most importantly, manage and analyse it,” Matschke summarizes. “Not only has reporting become easier, but the time it required has been halved. The move to Tokheim’s equipment was definitely the right decision.”

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