To deliver fuel on site in order to refuel heavy-duty vehicles that cannot leave the (temporary) site, construction and mining companies use bowser trucks. To turn your bowser truck into a mobile station functioning as a normal station, ProFleet provides the Truck box solution which is easy to mount in a non-hazardous area on a bowser truck.

ProFleet supplies the most accurate measurement system in the industry used on public stations across the globe, helping to reduce fraud to a minimum. Having a mobile station unit with an above-ground tank and dispenser and combining it with the MID certificate and printer option allows you to sell fuel to subcontractors on site for a certain compensation, keeping subcontractors safe and ensuring the exact amount of fuel which is shown on TQC.

A huge number of vehicles and machines operated by various users can often result in losing identification tags, which makes it difficult to control fuel theft. FuelLOG gives you the right to decide who is in charge of fueling vehicles and machines and, together with AviGO, can save you the trouble of losing tags and prevent fuel theft by preventing users from filling jerry cans next to the vehicle.

Recommended solutions for your business

Truck box

Fuel management system easily mounted up a bowser truck


Automatic vehicle identification that prevents fraud by fueling jerry cans next to the vehicle, and also losing identification tags

MID option

MID certificate which enables you to sell fuel to your subcontractors on the construction site

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