Ninatrans specializes in time-critical transport. Their clients are mainly companies who expect a high degree of professionalism and for whom strict compliance with loading and delivery times is of greatest importance. They see their role as much broader than merely ensuring transport from A to B. Certain specifications concerning client-specific procedures are fixed in service level agreements, tailored to their clients. Any transport services they carry out are evaluated at regular intervals based on these agreements and adjusted where necessary.


The Ninatrans fleet consists of 110 tractor units, 265 semi-trailers and 15 distribution vehicles. After a commendation by an international jury for its excellent approach to safety and commitment to the environment, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) announced Ninatrans as the winner of the new IRU award for Best EU Road Transport Operator 2014.

Background to new installation

Following constant growth, Ninatrans moved to a new location back in 2012. At the old location, they already had been operating a small tank installation. The equipment was, however, too old to be transferred to the new location and there was room to improve in stock management. In addition, the consumption of AdBlue increased over the years and could not be covered efficiently anymore by the use of IBCs. Hence, it was decided to call for tenders for a completely new installation at their new location.

Choosing Tokheim Profleet

A survey and subsequent tender phase showed that Tokheim was best suited to provide the necessary equipment and execute the complete installation. The fact that Tokheim was able to offer state-of-the-art technology at competitive prices contributed to this decision. Also, the flexibility to build in Donaldson filters was perceived as very positive.

Equipment installed

Underground tanks

• Diesel: 90.000 L with an annual consumption of over 1,5 million litres
• Red diesel: 10.000 L
• AdBlue: 10.000 L
• Donaldson filtration

Fuel management

• Slim DiaLOG terminal
• MiFare cards for driver id
• ProFleet RFID tags for vehicle id

Quantium fuel dispensers

• Q310 VHS 2-2: 130lpm (normal diesel) + 40lpm (red diesel)
• Satellite unit Q310; 40/80lpm (special application)

Our services

Services provided together with our TSG partner.



Wetstock management

Key benefits of DiaLOG fuel management

The DiaLOG system is used on a daily basis to create various reports and closely monitor fuel consumption per vehicle. The data is used, among other purposes, to reward drivers and, where necessary, correct them. In addition, DiaLOG is also used for monitoring the fuel supplier, since the stock management is largely outsourced to one fuel supplier who uses its own telemetry system for this.

Especially, the service TSG provides is experienced as well as very good: we have a service contract and, thanks to preventive maintenance, there are very few problems. In case of failures, TSG is easily reached and quick to solve the problem. Overall, we are very pleased.

Bruno Vanerum Operations Manager, NinaTrans
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