Peugeot SA (PSA), Europe’s second largest car manufacturer, selected Tokheim ProFleet to produce and install storage facilities and fuel distribution equipment at its famous manufacturing site in Mulhouse, France. Employing 8,500 staff and covering a giant 320 hectares of land, the Mulhouse plant produces around 320,000 vehicles per year. The project with Tokheim is part of a new unit designed to effectively control vehicle emissions of Peugeot and Citroën cars manufactured at the plant.

ProFleet installation for Peugeot

Testing is carried out on 400 vehicles by PSA at any one time for vehicles destined for use across Europe and North Africa. Each vehicle tank is fuelled via Tokheim dispensers, ensuring that various environmental standards are met for each individual country. The newly constructed fuel dispensing site is located in close proximity to the test area and consists of a number of commercial solutions from Tokheim ProFleet.

Quantium 510 dispenser

A double-sided, commercial, multiproduct Quantium 510 dispenser has been installed beside two Quantium 210 high-speed dispensers. These pumps dispense a variety of fuels, including E85, E100, PSA5, and PSA10. Two DiaLOG fuel management systems – one on each island – ensure effective fuel management as well as delivery of localised, special product.

AdBlue® solution

After the completion of the ProFleet project, Tokheim was subsequently awarded the installation of a unique AdBlue® distribution and storage solution at the Mulhouse site. This unusual, yet effective system sees Tokheim AdBlue® distribution points directly feeding vehicles on the production line. The solution is made up of 350ml piping, stainless steel 304L pipe 2” through the building, 3 Mouvex pumps with stainless steel body (one for the dump function of the network to the storage tanks ) and 22 stainless steel filter screens.

Equipment installed

Underground tanks

4 under ground tanks to cover 4 products

Quantium fuel dispensers

• Q510 multi product
• 2 ×Q210 High-speed

Fuel management

2 × Slim DiaLOGs

Our services

Services provided together with our TSG partner.

Station design

Project management



Regulatory activities


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