Quantium dispensers with top quality pumps and meters will ensure you safe delivery of large quantities of fuel every day for many years, and with AviGo, the possibility of fraud will be reduced to a minimum while saving vehicle identification time.

With FuelLOG, you can keep track of all fuel-related events, such as tracking your fuel consumption per vehicle, how much each driver fuels or you can prevent employees’ fuelling the wrong vehicle. Also, FuelLOG gives you the option of getting timely alerts, as set up by you.

To help you gather all information in one place, FuelLOG has the possibility to collect mileage data from a third party mileage tracking system, which will provide you with exact data between fueling and minimize any mistakes or fraud that could be committed by entering the mileage manually.

In present times, a depot is required, among other things, to control the entrance to the depot by allowing access to authorized personnel only. This is particularly true in the case of big and very frequent depots, such as public transportation depots. ProFleet’s Gatebox takes control for you and automates the control procedure determining who is allowed to enter the depot by using the same identification tag as drivers use to identify themselves at the fueling terminal, FuelLOG.

Recommended solutions for your business

Ultra-high speed dispensing

With Tokheim ultra-high speed, 200L/min dispensers you can fuel your buses in a short time. Also, Tokheim quality guarantees you fuelling huge amount of fuel each day without any issue.

Automatic vehicle identification

Prevent fuelling vehicles with wrong fuel and frauds such as fuelling jerry cans beside the vehicle.


With LOGmaster you can get customized reports by your needs, and with identification of vehicle and driver, you can track average consumption by vehicle or by the driver.

Arriva Sweden

Quality equipment and innovative solutions which have automated back-end jobs at the depots.

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