Quantium dispensers with their top quality pump and meter will ensure you safe delivery of large quantities of fuel every day for many years, and with AviGo a fraud will be reduced to a minimum and also you will save time for vehicle identification.

With Dialog, you can keep track of all fuel-related events, such as tracking your fuel consumption per vehicle, how much each driver fuel or you can restrict employees of fueling the wrong vehicle. Also, DiaLOG gives you the option of getting alerts at the right time, which you will set up.

Recommended solutions for your business

Ultra high speed dispensing

With Tokheim ultra high speed dispensers, 200L/min, you can fuel your buses in a short time. Also Tokheim quality guarantees you fueling huge amount of fuel each day without any issue.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

With AviGo prevent fueling wrong fuel in the vehicle and frauds by fueling jerry cans beside the vehicle.


With DiaLOG you can get customized reports by your needs, and with identification of vehicle and driver, you can track average consumption by vehicle or by the driver.

Arriva Sweden

Quality equipment and innovative solutions which have automated back-end job at the depots.