Your truck drivers during long-distance drives have to fill truck on retail stations and you wish to have those data so you can have real consumption also – DiaLOG offers you a solution to import those data which it will combine with rest data and you will get consumption of your fleet vehicles with all data.

Recommended solutions for your business

Ultra high speed dispensing

With Tokheim ultra high speed dispensers, 200L/min, you can fuel your trucks in short time, and with Tokheim satellite unit you can fuel tanks on both side of the truck at the same time.

Identification - RFID tags

Each truck has its own tag which drivers use for truck identification, and we can offer various types of identification for drivers like RFID tag, EU driver ID cards, various magstripe cards.


Get reports automatic via Email, or access data via mobile phone or laptop from any place.


"Especially the service TSG provides is experienced as very good: We have a service contract and thanks to preventive maintenance, there are very few problems. In case of failures TSG is easily reached and quick to solve the problem. Overall, we are very pleased."