The DiaLOG fuel management system allows you to limit the access of people who will operate with fuel stations, fueling the vehicles. Do you want to have one or two people, such as depot managers, or do you want to assign a vehicle to every driver? The choice is up to you, and DiaLOG provides the option for whatever you choose, and even has many others.

As a fuel management system, DiaLOG gives you the option of producing reports covering transactions, stocks, quotas, vehicles, drivers, operators, identifiers, events, dispensers’ totals, external sites, and database changes, either manually or automatically, using the setting. Those who need fuel data for their fleet management software can export files from DiaLOG to an external computer software.

DiaLOG is not just a fuel management system. Upgrading it with a Gatebox can help you automate the access to your depot to authorized vehicles and drivers.

Recommended solutions for your business


FMS to monitor your fuel stock and to limit the usage of the fueling site


Automate and control the entrance to your depot with the same identification tags used for refueling at the site

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